Introduction to Project

Continued and increasing demand for rentals at the present building confirm need for this redevelopment project to accommodate new and more efficient rental apartments in a phase new building. The existing 80 unit building will stay in place and eventually be replaced.

The Committee of the Whole meeting at Saanich held March 14, 2016 has been postponed.

The site has been providing affordable seniors housing for over 40 years. It was always envisioned that the property would redevelop to provide additional seniors affordable housing. Plans are for the present 80 rental units to grow to 164 units.

The mandate of the non-profit Society owning this property is provision of affordable rentals. Seniors are required to meet age and income requirements.


Covenant Letter Advisory Design Panel Report


New Information as of July 2016

Plan Changes Since March 2016 C.O.W. Meeting:

  • Reduction in number of units from 100 to 84
  • Reduction in building height by reducing interior ceiling heights from 9 feet to 8 feet.
  • Increased setbacks on north and west side yards.
  • Step back of third floor to reduce impacts on west building face.
  • Re-orientation of northeast upper level units to reduce impacts on neighbours.
  • Elimination of north and west side balconies; potential Juliet balconies only.
  • Relocation of garbage containers back from north property line.
  • Revised parking lot lighting to reduce glare.
  • Revised location of rain garden.
  • Enhanced landscaping along north and west sides of the property.
  • Additional visitor parking provided.
  • $50,000 contribution to future Arrow Road improvements.
  • Covenant restricting project to seniors rental building.
  • Rezoning for new building only; RA-1 zoning for existing building retained.

Process Since Committee of the Whole

Since Sanich Committee of the Whole meeting on March 16/16 Society reps have engaged in the following activities:

  • Community meeting in early May.
  • Two meetings with neighbourhood committee to discuss impacts and changes.
  • Meetings with individual neighbours.
  • Revision to plans in respose to feedback.

Additional Discussions

  • Open House to review changes: June 30th 2016
  • Additional open houses planned for: July 14, 2016
  • Additional meetings and discussions with neighbours as required.
  • All updates will be posted on society website: 

Timing for return to Saanich

  • Revised applications to Saanich provided after completion of the public process.

The Project Overview

  • The Mount Douglas Seniors Housing Society's mandate is to deliver affordable seniors housing
  • There is a high level of need for seniors rental housing in Victoria
  • The project proposes a modern senior housing facility with modest rents that meet CMHC affordability targets
  • Propose 84 new units consists of:
    • Studio unit: 38
    • One-Bedroom units: 46
  • Existing residential building to remain in place

Proposed Revised Zoning Application

  • Rezone from RA-1 (Apartment) zone to a site specific zone to allow a total of 164 affordable dwelling units.  A development permit application to construct a 3-storey, 84 unit apartment is requested.  The existing 80 unit apartment building will remain.
  • Proposal rezones the entire parcel.
  • The existing M.D.S.H.S. building will remain.
  • Any future consideration for replacement of the existing building will require:
    • New rezoning application
    • Public input and discussion
    • Approval by Saanich Council

For more detailed information please see our Exterior Concepts page.

New Information after Open House meetings

Open House Summary Sheet  Open House Survey Responses 

September 15, 2016 neighbourhood meeting

Presentation from Sept 15 meeting